White About Now

Photography by Michael Dumler

Photography by Michael Dumler

It’s hard to believe it’s Memorial Weekend!! No matter what year it is, it feels like re-imagining the color white is top of mind for us gals. On my most recent visit to NBC’s New York Live, I showed four ways you can rethink the hue for summer 2018. This post is my announcement that going forward, I will be making my tv segments shoppable :-) Here are some new ideas to consider:

  1. UPDATE YOUR WHITE JEANS! Enter stage left “The Culotte White Jean” pronounced “cool lot.”  I know not everyone is a white jeans girl but I’m excited to report some new shapes are emerging beyond the painted on skinnies that are not every woman’s cup of english breakfast.  I was extremely skeptical but urged lovingly to try DL1961’s Hepburn jean. They look very voluminous and a hair more ripped and torn than I normally like on the hanger but when I tried them on, I was surprised and delighted. The Hepburn accentuates the waist and is just simply a cool yet easy fashion jean. Sold. I’ll be wearing mine with my Supurga flatform sneakers (I like some height and something a little chunkier on foot with a wider hem pant) and a striped tee *tucked in*. You know the song “All about that Base”? Replace the word base with the word waist. Sing it to yourself and tell me it’s not catchy?! It’s all about that waist!! All about that waist!! This is one of my style anthems. If this jean is too edgy for you, try a clean cropped pair with a slight flare at the bottom. It’s about stepping outside of the skinny jean box and widening the leg a little if you are looking to update. Stylists tip: with a wider pant or any voluminous bottom make the top of your outfit more fitted*- the inverse of this equation is also correct! FITTED + VOLUME  = BALANCED (KUMBAYA MY LORD...KUMBAYA). Wow, never thought I’d be doing math equations again!! *if* white jeans are just never going to be your thing, skirt the issue entirely and buy a denim skirt- they look fresh!


2. UPDATE AN ALL WHITE ENSEMBLE WITH COLORFUL ACCESSORIES- Here’s a place to really express yourself. There is a candy shop of color out there for the taking in the world of accessories and the price points are accessible. Have fun mixing a few color pops like electric blue and hot pink. I am always in favor of a bright bold summer earring or handbag.



3. SWAP IN WHITE WHERE YOU HAD NUDE BEFORE- Embrace the color white in your accessories. Think of the white shoe (sandal, mule, sneaker) as the new neutral shoe you used to wear! The same is true of your handbag and jewelry. Bright white is a chic pop against colorful dresses and prints for the season. It’s an easy way to update last years summer party dress.

4. TRY DRESSY WHITE SHORTS- Dressy shorts are an elegant and unexpected investment. Walking into a summer party with an elevated short makes you stand out from the crowd of dresses. For this segment, I kept the look down to earth in flat sandals from Aldo (they're really on their A game). I always like a classic palette of black, white and gold. It’s reliable and not everyone wants to try the color pop trend! You can dress shorts up and down which makes them versatile. Look for a length that comes mid thigh and isn’t too tight. They should have an ease about them. Even better if they come with a sewn in belt like this pair from Mango :-) Don’t forget your new favorite anthem “It’s all about that Waist”.

5. RETHINK YOUR SUMMER LAYERING PIECES LIKE CARDIGANS AND JACKETS- It may just be me, but in the summer the temperature is so unpredictable that when I’m headed out I like to prepare for anything. I always bring a jacket or cardigan to layer in case someone decides to refrigerate me out of a party, I end up trapped in a restaurant meat locker or the salty beachy air gives me a chill. It’s such an integral part of survival dressing why shouldn’t it be adorable? In the segment, I featured a crystal embellished army jacket from Topshop over a floral dress. Mixing edgier pieces with romantic pieces is always a win in my book.

I hope this list helps you as you begin to navigate the summer waters. See you at P Diddy’s White Party.




New York Live "White Hot" Segment

Brooke Jaffe