#ACK Bound

Photography by Michael Dumler 

Photography by Michael Dumler 

ACK is the airport abbreviation for my favorite place on earth---Nantucket. I’ve been going there every summer including the one I spent in utero and it is definitely part of my essence. If you were to come over to my apartment you might notice the embroidered throw pillow in the center of my bed with the word Nantucket sewn proudly across the front. It’s a focal point because to even see the word makes me smile. I have so many memories on this magical island as a child and adult. It feels like my place.  I feel such a sense of pride and loyalty to Nantucket. In my view, it’s one of a kind and if you don’t agree, I might take it personally.

To have had a homemade cone at the Juice Bar is to know that heaven exists. I always said that if I could bottle the aroma of the cones being baked, I’d have the basis for a fragrance business. A lot of the magic of Nantucket is in its simplicity and the fact that it’s where I spent my formative summers with my family. It’s where most of our traditions take place especially celebrating my dad’s 4th of July birthday with lobsters and ice cream cake from the aforementioned Juice Bar . When I’m there, everything feels right in the world.  It’s the only place I feel safe walking home alone in the middle of the night. Same is true for the long runs I take at dusk, sometimes only encountering deer along the way. And then there’s the abundance of smiles on Nantucket because that’s the preferred facial expression on island.  #RBF doesn’t fly here, genuine smiles from familiar and new faces encouraged all day every day .

It’s a place with an unmatched sense of identity. Nantucket aka the “Grey Lady” really knows who she is. She’s preppy a lot of the time, extremely understated, looks great in a ponytail, loves to have a good time, lives for long bike rides to the beach, loves drinks with special names like “Gumbay smashes” and “Madakat mysteries”, loves leisurely lunches at Galley Beach and she is so relieved not to have to wear makeup on vacation. ACK and I have more than a few things in common.

As I pack for #ACK I wanted to share some of the things that I’m putting in my luggage as we speak. Get ready for a heavy dose of americana with a side of New England prep. Happy 4th of July.




Brooke Jaffe