Skirt Stake

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I’m putting my proverbial fashion stake in the ground. I want the world to know how much I love denim skirts right now. I’m going with my gut on this one. I’ve been proclaiming my affection for denim skirts for a few months to the surprise of many and even an occasional eye roll.  My friends know that when I love or believe in something, you will hear about it on repeat until it works its way out of my system #sorryguys #love you. But I can’t shake this one so fast. The styling possibilities feel limitless and I already own most of the items I want to wear it with. This is simply #satisfying. It feels like a score, every time I walk into a store only to discover that they too believe in the power of the denim skirt. MVP’s include H&M and Topshop. My favorite are the pencil shaped variety to the knee in traditional blue’s and washed black options. I purchased my ReDone skirt pictured below at Intermix in July and let’s just say I can’t remember what I wore in my life prior. I’m not exaggerating--ok maybe just a little.

A few ways to wear a denim skirt:

  1. Make her Chic- Pair with a white tee shirt or graphic band tee. Layer a solid blazer on top. Try a full or partial tuck with your tee shirt. Depending on your height, wear a classic black suede pointy toe pump (kitten heels looks chic) or I love a pointy toe flat. Try and pick a shoe that makes sense with the length of the jean skirt you buy. Personally, I like a lower heel or flat with a short short skirt, but you have to do what works for you and make your own sundae. Layer some fun jewelry such as a statement necklace. This dresses up the tee and takes it up a notch. This season, a leopard kitten heel would make this look a 10! *on my fall 2018 shopping list btw *


2. Romancing the Skirt- We live in an exciting time.  The romantic blouse has returned to fashion and our options to look amazing from the waist up have increased 500%. Don’t ask me how I got to that number but it feels accurate on a gut level #guthealth. From puff shoulders to uber sleeves to Cinderella necklines, it’s all about a romantic blouse in your arsenal. I’ve worn my Ulla Johnson puff shoulder eyelet blouse with my denim skirt 1-2 times a week since the first week in July. I just love it and my dinner partners don’t seem to mind. I’ve been pairing a bohemian earring or even my oversize Free People Gold hoops and a chunky stacked heel sandal with the look.

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3. Sporty Spice- The denim skirt is the perfect weekend wear. I love the Rag and Bone tank below because the athletic stripe detail adds a sporty touch and some novelty to a basic tank. Sneakers are a winning combo with this look. You could wear anything from slip on vans to lace up high tops with the denim skirt. Tee shirts are no brainers. You can add a clean baseball cap and cross body bag too.


These are just a few ways to wear a denim skirt but I am confident you won’t be disappointed with one in your closet.



Brooke Jaffe