The Midi Dress: A Summer Nights Dream


It was between this title or “Baby why can’t you just meet me in the Midi”!!  If you’re wondering what I’m thinking when I stare longingly out the taxi window, something along these lines is about right #deepthoughts by Brooke Jaffe.

I have wanted to shed light on the midi dress for some time. If you are reading this and wondering what a midi dress is, it’s the length of a dress or skirt that comes below the knee and isn’t the full length of a maxi. It should theoretically hit the midway point of your calf. It’s not a mini and it’s not a maxi- it’s a midi aka the perfect in between length!  In a world where us gals often leave the house when the doves cry and return home after an exhausting day, the right midi dress investment can really make you look and feel fabulous all day long no matter what your day has in store.

brooke-jaffe-dresses-4879 (1).jpg

Here are reasons to love the MIDI:

  1. There are more options than ever to buy a great one. They are the silhouette of the moment in dresses. I am partial to the print options right now but solid versions abound as well.

  2. Many of the styles in midi dresses are the perfect “desk to dinner” dress for the days you need to look awesome come dinner time and don’t have time to go home and change from the day. *Bonus* The midi dress passes the work appropriate “sit test.”

  3. Looks chic with sneakers- Nothing looks cooler or more effortless than a great midi style with sneakers. I bought a pair of white flat form Superga Sneakers from Steve Madden. I'm including them in the links below. This style added just enough height that feels right with the proportion of the dress.

  4. Depending on your height, you can play with your shoe options. If you’re very tall you can pull off a flat slide sandal. If you need some height, wear with a chunkier stacked heel sandal. The good news, is that pretty much every shoe style looks great with a midi. You need to try on your shoes to determine which ones make sense for your height.

  5. Necklines- Don’t be fooled that the midi can’t be sexy. The longer length has caused designers to be creative with necklines and side slit placement. The V neckline has emerged as a fresh update to the silhouette.

  6. Sleeves- Another fresh take on the midi I’m loving right now is the emergence of short sleeves! The sleeves are midi length :-) neither sleeveless nor long, right in the middle. Many of the short sleeves have a little volume at the shoulder , otherwise known as a “puff” shoulder. I like it and it's very au courant! The volume at the shoulder is flattering. Try it. 

  7. They are the best transitional dress- the midi is one of the summer items you can carry into fall easily. You can layer leather jackets and blazers on top and change from sandals to booties. Midi Dresses for the win!

The moral of this story is, get thee a midi dress. Find one that speaks to you the way this Saloni deep V hot pink dress speaks to me.