Slip Into Something More Comfortable

The Slip Dress has been one of my favorite trends for a few seasons. At first I was skeptical that wearing the equivalent of a nightgown could work for me in my actual day-to-day life particularly in the daylight hours.  However, this idea of slip and pajama dressing has been speaking to me for a few years. If the Slip Dress has a spirit animal she is a very cool, sexy and elegant cat. What I learned by watching some of the daring early adopters of slip dressing, is that a basic slip dress is a fashion gals dream-- serving as a blank canvas of sorts upon which or underneath which one can have a styling field day!

One of the questions I ask myself before making a purchase is “Does this work with something I already own?” If the answer is “yes”, it comes home (yes, I still love to shop in physical stores ). Or, I’ll ask myself “If I don’t own the missing ingredients, how hard are they to find?”

For me the resounding answer was “YES”, I own so much that works with slip dresses- so many options, so little time!”

My love affair with slip dresses has been growing at a consistent rate. I continually find new ways to imagine them and occasions they make sense for;  from your average Starbucks run on a Saturday with Stan Smiths and a striped tee underneath, to a glamorous night out with chic sandals and fun jewelry. Hey Slipdress, if you’re looking for a publicist, I’m available.

I took baby steps and started with the mandatory basic black slip dress, and after receiving a black belt in styling this LBD,  I then graduated, to a dress I like to call “Pale Pink Perfection” by Frame while visiting their store in LA. Not that I’m counting BUT I think I’ve worn this Frame dress 15 times already and it’s never been worn the same way twice. I was so inspired by my own cost-per-wear situation, that I decided this was exactly the thing I needed to explore on the Today Show. Here are my 4 favorite ways to wear a slip dress right now!

  1. ALONE - embrace it. It should be comfortable.  Pair with easy slide sandals and feel free to stay close to Mother Earth #chic- this could be Birkenstocks (they’re BACK!!) to a jeweled slide sandal ala Lanvin but not; have fun with your accessories #lifemantra.  I love a simple scarf at the neck, a great pair of earrings or keep it simple with minimal personal jewelry
  2. I WOKE UP LIKE THIS CAUSAL - Layer over a clean white crewneck tee shirt. I love the tees from Rag and Bone and Majestic. Wear a great pair of sneakers. If you haven’t purchased white sneakers there’s still time. If it’s cold, layer your blue denim or black leather jacket on top!
  3. MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A TWO PIECE - Layer a sweater or sweatshirt on top. My favorite is one that is a little oversized and you can wear “flashdance style” and expose one of the dress straps. I love a good hoop with this look with a heeled sandal,  pump or cute pair of ankle booties.
  4. CHIC LAYERS- Layer something fabulous on top. I vote for a deconstructed layering piece like a soft fashion trench (so many good ones out there at all price points) or a kimono style robe. Embrace the utter glamour and cool factor of it all!

Here are some pictures of me slipping all over town. Enjoy



Brooke Jaffe