Going Teddy

Photography by Michael Dumler

Photography by Michael Dumler

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a dreamer. I know I’m not the only one. Not just the day variety but the intense REM vivid dreamer.  Let’s just say these visions have layers potentially too complex to decipher or just the opposite, they are so overt it’s absurd and I should pay way more attention!

The one dream that kept recurring for almost two years of my recent adult life included me and a dog. When I would open my eyes I felt such a longing. I talked about it with anyone who would listen and ogled strangers pets from afar (not the cats). I cooed over co workers dogs to a point where they would send me picture updates and status reports to keep me going.

I had a lot of naysayers telling me it wasn’t the right time but the yearning was intense and building so, I decided to follow my heart, come what may.  This year I’ve learned that if you’re always putting your life on hold for a perfect alignment of latitude and longitude, eventually you’ll just miss the parade entirely. One thing I have always liked about myself is that I can be totally impetuous and allow logic to find me later.  So, in January, I put my name on the list for a puppy.

In June, I received a picture of a male puppy with the most soulful stare I’d seen since looking at Tucker, my childhood family dog. I pulled out my list of puppy names which I had had at the ready since January. The names included: Merlin, Romeo, Benji, Dexter (the street I grew up on), Trooper, Gus, Darcy, Gatsby and Teddy. An odd fusion of English Major male protagonists and Nantucket Prep Classics. Names are a funny thing. There was no chance upon seeing Ted’s face that he was Mr. Darcy, Merlin or Gatsby.  He was and is simply Ted for reasons that only the universe understands! Like Madonna or Prince, Ted needs no other name but his first. His effervescent spirit speaks for itself.


I’d like to think fashions recent obsession with Teddy bear style coats is an homage to Ted. This is my number one recommendation for a fashion coat update this season. My favorite way to wear the look is over an ivory turtleneck sweater and ivory corduroys or jeans. Since the coat is bulky, you’ll want to make sure your sweater isn’t too thick. You can wear camel suede booties or my new favorite winter boot; the hiking boot.  Hiking influences have had a profound impact on fashion recently. We have seen the re-emergence of brands like Patagonia who invented the idea of fashionable hiking gear and their iconic cream colored fleece. If you don’t have a sherpa fleece like you wore in high school it’s time to reinvest in this look- and if you never stopped wearing this preppy old faithful, cheers, you are in! Fleece jackets are the sport version of the trend.


This coming Friday on the Today Show, I’ll be showing one version of the Teddy Bear Coat from H&M that I love.  Mixing camel and ivory is chic period! The ivory jeans I’m wearing in these pictures attached are from Zara. They are the called the high waisted slim jeans. What I love is they are a thicker fabrication so, they are not only warm but they suck you right in!  I love the length of of my Zara Teddy style coat however, this trend is so widespread you can find the length that works best for you from short to long. You can opt for a more pristine faux fur a more distressed shaggy style or a sporty fleece. The best news is that you can invest in the trend easily for under $100 and these coats are seriously warm. See some of my picks below. Time to go Teddy.



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Brooke Jaffe