Picking My Spots

Photography by Alix Jaffe

Photography by Alix Jaffe

It’s hard to believe it’s the start of another new year!  Looking back, my propensity has been to try and connect the dots to see what I accomplished or to make sense of what it all meant? Did I get where I wanted to go? Did I stick to my list of resolutions? Am I where I want to be in life? It feels like these thoughts are unavoidable. Rear view evaluation mode can be a troublesome spot for me. I think rather than looking to connect the dots backwards, my goal is be where I am right now and to be content there. I want to pick my spots while allowing myself to stay present and give room to go with the flow. Make each day count. This year my biggest goal is to have fewer goals and to let go of trying to control the uncontrollable. I want to keep it simple. More eye contact, less phone. Be where I am and enjoy it. Be a kind person and do my best everyday to be the best me I can be. Surround myself with my people, the ones who accept me flawed, support me and enrich my world. I want to build deeper more meaningful relationships. Be kind to myself and always stay authentic. 2018 was a year of crazy change for me. I am proud of my evolution as a human being. I took risks. I tried new things. I was brave. Some risks paid off and others did not work out as I hoped. Professionally there were several highs and personally some of the greatest disappointments. My takeaway is gratitude for the things that matter to me: meaningful honest friendships, a loving family, health and thank GOD a mean sense of humor!

So in the name of picking my spots, I want to hone in on a trend that is speaking to me right now. Spots as the Brits would say (always in style across the pond) or more commonly known as polka dots. I’ll admit, my relationship with this print has been iffy through the years. Just ask any buyer at Bloomingdale’s to recall my disdain for the dot. As I have written before, prints are indeed personal and for whatever reason it took some mental incubation for me to come around to them. This time feels different to me. Here I am. Loving the dot like I’ve never loved them before, sprinkled and scattered about on clothing, swimwear and accessories with an expanded idea of itself. The dot has real range right now and feels emboldened- conquering new territory. The dot is dotting it’s proverbial i’s and crossing it’s t’s too. It feels chic on evening shoes yet also has the personality to carry a modern two piece bikini at the beach. Polka dots for 2019 feel expressive yet tasteful- not always an easy balancing act. Here are a few of my favorites below.

Happy New Year. Wishing everyone happiness and health. Pick your spots wisely.



Brooke Jaffe