This time last year I was sailing on a boat in the Tyrrhenian sea bound for Capri for the first time. I forgot to get nervous about all the things that I usually get nervous about on boats because the level of mesmerization I felt with my physical surroundings squelched any notion of anxiety. In fact, I came to understand the word awe on that ride as we sailed through rock formations so ancient and too gigantic to comprehend. Is it just me? Do I need to get out more? It’s possible. Nonetheless, the trip was nothing short of magical for me. If I could bottle Capri and spritz myself with it’s essence each day, I would.  I guess some would say that’s called lemon juice? Or they might prescribe a daily drink cure of Aperol Spritz’s which, by the way, I’m game to try! When I was there, I promised myself not to let this trip leave me too quickly. I think it’s hard to bottle vacation but it feels like there’s white space here! I will be the founder of that startup :-)


Here I am one year later facing a terra cotta potted plant with lush lemons growing out of it. I’m in my sister Alix’s sunny Los Angeles backyard admiring my puppy Ted and  feeling awestruck that Alix has her very own lemons! And maybe since my brain is wired in such a way where all I can hear are words in various formats particularly puns, and I believe in symbolism, I’m finding the metaphor to make some lemonade this summer staring at me in the face. Sorry low hanging fruit!

This post is an homage to my trip to the Amalfi Coast which changed my attitude and excitement level for swimsuits. Having the right suit changes everything and for the first time in awhile there are so many reasons to buy a new one. I also don’t want to let Slim Aarons down.

Here are the 4 swim trends I’m most excited about for summer 2019.

  1. THE ONE PIECE SUIT. Continues to be a fashion girls dream suit. They can even moonlight as body suits depending on which one you select- which makes them great for lunch at the pool with an easy sarong. My personal pick for the newest in this world is *THE BELTED ONE PIECE*. The “Nina Belt” from Solid and Striped is one of the seasons best! I’m also obsessed with the brand Onia www.onia.com.  You can feel good about all the options in the one piece whether they are printed and feminine or minimalistic, solid and cut out. The key is to try a one piece if you haven’t.

2. THE HiGH WAIST BIKINI- The season’s most visually intimidating trend. This is one that must be tried on but looks better than you think! There is usually more coverage on the bottom half so you want to find a set where the top doesn’t cover as much skin. This retro vibe really screams Capri.  

3. THE PRINTED SUIT- There are so many prints to be excited about this season including: leopard prints, polka dots, gingham and of course... lemon prints! If you want to stick with a silhouette you know works for your body and have always worn a solid suit I urge you to try a print right now.

4. CUT-OUTS/ ARCHITECTURAL LOOKING SUITS - If you love wearing your two piece but want to test a one piece there are so many interesting cut out suits that allow you to show a little skin wherever you want to show it. From more subtle peek-a-boo styles to extreme cut outs on the front and side, there is something for everyone. I also love the new one shoulder neckline that’s happening and feels elevated.

My Zimmerman suit from last year pictured in these photos really brings me back to that moment on the boat and.. in that moment, I felt dressed for the occasion. I hope no matter where your summer takes you that you have the chance to carry those special moments with you wherever you go next.




Brooke Jaffe