A Dying Art


And I’m not referencing Easter Egg dying. Just when you had relegated your tie dye tees to the Halloween section of your closet or preserved them for the inevitable 70’s theme costume party corner of your abode, fashion had other plans for this print and dying wasn’t one of them!  The tie dye print has been redyed, rethought, reimagined and reintroduced to the fashion world in an explosive and profound manner- making the print feel ...new again!?  It seems almost absurd to say that tie dye prints feel new but, they actually do!  Take it from someone who spent hours and hours as the apprentice/ slave to a cool older sister who was practically running a tie dye tee shirt business from the basement of our childhood home in Washington D.C. in the 80’s.  In retrospect, I realize this was her high school “side hustle”. Our basement floor flooded with Rit dye’s, rubber bands and fresh white tees all the time. It was a haute mess.


Today’s tie dye might still be groovy enough for Jerry Garcia yet they seem destined for so much more.  The print feels transcendent in that it is making the banal look artful and dressy fabrications look fresh. Who would have thought that tie dye could be the new print to elevate last years swim suit silhouettes, workout pants and of course your basic tee shirts. The truth is that tie dye climbed the fashion print ladder all the way to the dressiest rung and is giving a fashion makeover to pieces you might never have imagined before.  Tie Dye worn in it’s newest manifestation can be dressy as seen on silk skirts and blouses. Do not limit it or judge it for it’s past life. Embrace it with an expansive mind like they did at Woodstock. Wear it every way that speaks to you. Tie dye is the new “painterly print” dujour. One of my favorite aspects this time around is the infusion of so much white into the prints making white accessories from sneakers to heels a modern approach to accessorizing.




Brooke Jaffetie dye