Proportionately Greater


Have you ever gone to meet a girlfriend for dinner and her outfit is simply perfection? To the point where all you can focus on throughout the meal is how to recreate the essence of it the next time you leave the house.  Let’s just say my envy of my friend Gaby’s top was heavy at our most recent dinner! And in the sincerest form of flattery, off I went to buy her exact linen Petersyn blouse- with her blessing, of course.


Michael Kors once said, in a presentation I attended, that women get the most credit for “the upper deck”; what we are wearing from the waist up matters most. After all, we are usually seated at the dinner table when we go out- so we might as well make it count. Sage advice.


The exaggerated shoulder affectionately known as the “puff” isn’t new to fashion. In fact, this is an idea that has grown steadily over time as our eyes have adjusted to the new proportion.  Designers have become more confident that women will go big or go home. This is my second time talking about this trend because I do think it has created some much needed novelty and excitement in the top world. It’s also universally flattering. Shoulder and sleeve interest have taken the top market by storm elevating basic tee shirts to new heights and adding a freshness to the luxury market.  Brunch looks way more festive with a novelty sleeve tee or sweatshirt. It’s no secret that more volume in the shoulder creates a silhouette that is pleasing to the eye. Even shoulder pads are in stealth mode - creeping back into blouses from some of the fashion greats like Isabel Marant. I miss the 80’s. When you go big in the shoulder and tuck into a high waisted pant (or tuck into anything honestly) you emphasize that hourglass shape we strive for.

I don’t necessarily subscribe to the theory that more is more- but here I, at least for now might make an exception.



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