Utility Suits Me

Photography by Michael Dumler

Photography by Michael Dumler

It’s not simply that I love fatigue green or the excuse to accessorize my outfit with aviator sunglasses, it’s that I have always responded to the look of army jackets, cargo pants and classic utility style jumpsuits.  There is something unfussy yet so “cool girl” about the style and usually the women wearing utility suits have an air about them. Something along the lines of “I just woke up like this and I might be a rockstar.”  If there is one idea to get excited about for spring, I’m certain this is it. I love the wide range of choices that register the look.  To be honest, this is the one trend where I’m having trouble limiting my shopping cart to one item. I found a jumpsuit from Rails that captured the essence of the trend while adding a dose of femininity that feels good to me;  historically this look hasn’t always been feminine.

utility cover.jpg

Jumpsuits are having a fashion moment right now and let’s be honest adult onesies are a beautiful thing -- let’s celebrate!  The utility jumpsuit is this season’s answer to the desk to dinner fashion conundrum. With the right accessories and shoes, jumpsuits are versatile--consider them your friends. If a jumpsuit is not for you, the good news is that you can register the trend through statement pieces such as: cargo style pants (silk, cotton or twill all available), army jackets and skirt options that feel modern.  If green isn’t for you, a new black dressy pant option for the season is a silk black cargo style pant with banded bottoms (fitted at the ankle) which means a heel looks like magic here.

brooke jaffe picture one utility.jpg

I’ve been combing for the best of the best. Below are some of my favorite pieces for the season that will hopefully help you to be all you can be.

I’m attaching links to my jumpsuit and favorite army jacket that I wasn’t able to link through the pictures below!





Brooke Jaffe