Day Glow

Photography by Alix Jaffe

Photography by Alix Jaffe

Brace yourselves, this idea is sure to leave some asking the question, really?? Yes, really. Sometimes trends emerge that make us feel unsure. Usually, it’s because they are presented to our eyes in exaggerated proportions or we have reserved them mentally in the “Halloween” section of our brains. The fun for me has always been to extract a dime dropper’s worth of a new and potentially scary trend into my imaginary fashion beaker and combine it with existing ingredients in my closet. If it organically feels like I can create something new and fresh, then it’s worth exploring. I enjoy testing ideas before committing to the entire fashion enchilada.  I’m excited about neon brights right now. I decided my fashion system needed a little shock therapy. I took a shot in the dark (I can’t help myself) and purchased Helmut Lang’s electric yellow turtleneck. This top works effectively, freshening ever so gently existing old faithfuls in my closet including my Alexander Wang boyfriend plaid blazer and my A.L.C army pants. In the past, I’ve mentioned my affinity for the color yellow, even highlighter shades. Every manila page of the books I’ve loved has the highlighter marks to show it. I always appreciated the emphasis highlighter colors brought to great words and I believe they can take your wardrobe to new heights this season too.  I am by no means suggesting we highlight our wardrobes from head to toe, but I do think a little can go a long way. I assure you, you are going to see neon brights dominate the fashion stage and retailer sites soon. Consider yourself warned.. time to get excited. Fear not! Here are a few new ways to consider electrifying your ensembles this season.

  1. Swap out a white tee shirt for a neon tee shirt or lightweight neon knit. Pair with army pants, blue jeans, black denim, black leather or even a cute black mini skirt. *Newest looking way is back to army color anything. My vote is for army pants or an army jacket (another major trend this season).

  2. Wear neon underneath the plaid blazer you bought this fall. It’s a quick game changer and transitions you into the new season.

  3. Winning color combos to try: acid green and navy or neon pink and grey

IMG_9960 (1).JPG

Enjoy basking in your newfound glow.