Snaking into Fall

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By now hopefully you’ve been cc’d on the animal print memo for fall. And it’s possible you thought maybe you were seeing an email from last Fall ‘18. Animal prints flooding your inbox again!!--- I know. Don’t worry, you haven’t become Bill Murray and are not starring in the movie Groundhogs Day. Animal print is falls trend dujour but before you say been there done that, there are actually new worlds to explore in the animal realm and modern takes on last falls’ story. If you did invest last season in the leopard moment, the great news is that your purchase is still valid and rest assured, leopard print remains a classic- every fashion gals favorite color! 

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If you’re really looking for the newest of the new, it’s all about the look of snake. In the spirit of this animal, I am happily shedding my summer floral prints and reemerging with some earthy snakeskin prints. Personally, I’m ready to shift parts of my wardrobe into neutral gear. There is a real color palette change happening this Fall that excites me. Usually, as we approach the season, black is the color grounding everything and dictating the look. I’m happy to report an introduction to earth tones including an expansive offering of browns, caramels and honey shades (selfishly thrilled how this fall matches my hair too...kidding...not kidding). Natural snake prints fuse together this newfound palette beautifully making the print the perfect way to add texture to an ensemble. Whether you choose to invest in the trend through a shoe update, belt (it’s all about a belt right now) or more of a statement piece like a coat or skirt, a little of this print can go a long way in modernizing your look. I invested in some cream colored cropped flares from AG to wear with my snakeskin bodysuit from ATM. Just a simple denim update too can open up the trend in a completely new way. Here is a shopping list are some of my favorite snake print pieces for the season in stores now. 

Snakeskin for the Win! 



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Brooke Jaffe