Basket Case

Photography by Michael Dumler

Photography by Michael Dumler

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Even though there is the gentlest whiff of Labor Day in the air and back to school looms in the wings, I got re-inspired this week sitting on the porch in Nantucket to make a case for basket bags. It’s been an exciting summer on the trend front but this one has continued to excite me because of its origins which resonate deeply with my young self.  I was lucky to spend my formative summers 30 miles at sea on Nantucket island #ACK and have a deep love of anything that originated from there from rope bracelets to Moby Dick. At first, this bag can seem limited structurally. They are hard-sided and larger than a typical night time bag but don’t let them fool you. From a versatility standpoint these bags make day to night accessorizing seamless and cost effective (cause you only need one summer bag). Basket style bags are big enough to fit the largest Iphone, lipstick, tic tacs, cbd infused tinctures and even money for ice cream. Baskets are this summer’s fashion neutral, adding texture, novelty and functionality into our vacation wardrobe. I’ve seen dozens of versions; some inspired by the original Nantucket basket (created in the early 1800’s) and new riffs on woven looks with innovative embellishment.  Historically, wearing the basket bag was a handheld proposition. Over time, as the style flourished, designers made their own unique versions using the basket as a base and a shoulder strap emerged as an alternative; making holding summer cocktails a little easier. This season it’s exciting that one can invest in the trend for under $100 or more depending on your budget. Here is the link to my bag:

My Bag

This bag simply worked all vacation long from lobsters shacks to cocktail parties and now I’m excited to wear it on the city streets.

I believe this trend has legs. After all it’s got over two centuries working in it’s favor :-) Worth a shot if you haven’t snagged one yet and we still have plenty of summer to dress for!



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Brooke Jaffe